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Love like you've never been hurt.
Live like it's heaven on Earth.

Saturday, April 30, 2011 @ 12:24 AM

Sometimes, don't you wish that other people could see what you see?

From the words of God, I would learn life lessons and feel so enlightened.
And then, I would walk out of the door optimistic, and life will knock me down.


Don't you wish that people could see what you see?
Don't you wish that they could take a look at themselves and admit their flaws?
Don't you wish... that you could change the perspectives of others?


Can you take a look at yourself and say that you are flawless?
Can you stand and proudly proclaim that you are the wisest on the land?
Can you... spot the offense that you may have given to people?

That is why there is forgiveness and love.

Latest Addictions
Tuesday, July 20, 2010 @ 7:12 PM

During my fashion styling class, my teacher, Deb, introduced us to the most addictive website I have ever visited: polyvore.com! And if you'd noticed, I have a tab that links to my account on the left hand side of this page! It is addictive I tell you, Addictive (with a capital A!) Basically, what happens is we, the creative people of the fashion conscious, could go there, and pair up garment pieces that we LOVE and compile them into an outfit!


Urgh, I am supposed to do my gazillion pile of homework but I am so lazy! Summer is just, not the season to study and kill yourself with assignments I guess..

Which by the way brings to an announcement that I have to make: I am officially a member of LA fitness! Yay! Well, it was fun at first, but now, I have personal trainers that constantly bug me to join their program for a whooping $300++!

Now, cung and jay are in Los Angeles and I cannot wait for them to be back! :DD

I am going to upload pictures soon for my profile cause it looks soooo..... wordy? Till then, toodles!

Thursday, July 15, 2010 @ 1:48 PM

I have chosen to share my life in this blog. Yes, it all started when I was in Secondary 1, that is Grade 7, when all I seem to have is myself.

My parents sent me to Singapore when I was 7 or 8. Of course, people are going to tell me how fortunate I am, to be able to study abroad at such a young age. At least, that is what my parents always say.

However, when you are 13 years old, returning to an empty house from school, without a family member to talk to... I don't know how one could perceive that as being lucky. Maybe I am ungrateful, maybe I am immature, but lucky seemed to be the last thing I had in mind.

Regardless, I grew up being who I am today: individualistic. I don't know to look at it in a positive or negative way, but who I am today, whether or not others like it, is a result of not having my parents with me since I was, well... a baby. Most of the time, my maid raised me, and when I was old enough to take care of myself, I took care of me.

Thus I chose to write bits and pieces of me onto this blog. When a person has chosen to choose a medium or person to share her life with, I can assure you, it is honest. Well, at least in my case, it is going to be honest. Of course, due to previous incidents, names are going to be changed to minimize hurt.

It has been 2 years since I have updated my blog regularly! So let this be a restart for myself, and the readers of this blog. For I am a different person now :)

PS: I am using a Mac right now, and I can't seem to download the codes to change my blogskins :( I am working on it though! I want a simpler one :)

Junior Quarter!
Friday, May 28, 2010 @ 2:04 PM

I would like to start by saying that...


In case you do not know what it is... you got to check it out at www.bcbg.com
They are internationally recognized and is very well-known for their dresses! It is worn by celebrities, including GOSSIP GIRL CASTS!

And the most exciting thing is, I did not actually applied for it! This whole fortunate situation is because of my friend who worked there and recommended me! :)

Anyway, I am not sure whether or not I got accepted. After all, it is my first real-job interview and I am honestly, very very confused to whether or not I have been hired. The boss said that he will call me in a few days to discuss about the schedule. Yet, he did not say "congratulations you got hired" or any of that sort! :S i am just a gazillion-pieces puzzled.

Anyways, I am working on my Business Portfolio class - my graduating class - and making corrections on it. I just realized how ugly my resume heading is and re-did it! Can't believe I handed the ugly one to BCBG :( sighh, and I am also reflecting on the things I did not mention when I was interviewed and regretting!! :( ARGH, this is stressing me out!

On my defense... it was my first ever real-job interview :( I hope I got in!

BTW, my sister got married!

OK gotta work on assignments,

Autumn' 09 Quarter
Wednesday, October 14, 2009 @ 12:02 AM

Dear blogster, (abbreviation for blog mister, which is the new name I gave to my blog!) Oh how I dread fall, the cold weather, the strong wind, and the endless rain.

Aside from that though, I am excited for this quarter! :)

This quarter would mark my new beginning in The Art Institute of Seattle. Yep, this is where I am studying (for those oblivious). I am in the Fashion Management and Marketing Program, Bachelors.
My current GPA is not at its best due to my laziness last year, and I hope I could change it this year! :)
I think that going back to Indonesia this time has opened my eyes, and made me realise of the many goals I want to achieve in my life.

Hey, you only get to live once, might as well get the best out of it right! :)

One of the reasons to this transformation is probably my mother :) We did not use to be in good terms, but all of that has changed ever since, well, the recent months. I want to achieve great things for my parents, and make them proud.
Whoever said that one's dream is definitely one's personal dream? It could be fulfilling other people's dream/wishes too right? :)

I am taking five classes this quarter. And aside from my first quarter (in which I had no choice but to take 5), I have never done that.
I am not going to lie and say that this program is not tiring, it is. But I hope I would adapt to it soon and excel in it.

With love, xoxoxoxxo.

PS: I met two amazing girls! Vanessa & Melody, who are like the bestttttt! :)


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